store closing sale

I will close my SL fashion store „Stitch by Stitch“ in a few days, maybe for ever, maybe for a while, not sure yet. Till then I will make sales in my last remaining shop on Tableau. The store will close by the end of december.
this special antlers are on sale now:

this special gown is also on sale, for only 99,-

look out for more offers:

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the ultimate christmas party dress

this dress will make you the center of every christmas party, it comes in 2 skirt lenthes:

get it here:

earth angels, its time to prepare!

my LOTD today comes from the sight out of my window, snowflakes floating around softly, there is the spirit of christmas in the air…

yes, its time to prepare now! Sevenstar wearing:

wings: IrEN, free hunt gift
Skin: „Elf“ by Curio
Hair: „Faye“ by Maitreaa
socks: by Miel
legwarmers: [Woo’s!]
lashes: „Calla“ Lashes (Flair)
Pleateau shoes: Magnifico
Shirt: Tres Blah
west: Cést la vie-groupgift
shorts: Arabella by Stitch by Stitch
wreath by Stitch by Stitch (special offer)
necklace: Stitch by Stitch
ring:bbb by Shinta Watanabe
blush: Launa Fauna
deco: mudshake
gifts: LISP Bazar

Winter offer „Winterberry Wreath“

I have not poster here since many monthes, but today I feel like it. I want to introduce a special offer, I am selling in my store on Tableau, its reduced to 50 Linden only:

taxi to the shop:

late summer offers: cute overalls and dresses for 50 L

summer is comming to an end now: the more reasons to enjoy it and to use every opportunity to wear summer stuff. I´m selling these cute Dresses and overalls for 50L$ each, the pink one is even a todays brand new release!

get a taxi to my Albero store:

Looks of the day

I will have no time tomorrow, so I´ll post my LOTD for tomorrow now:
when summer comes to an end, we suddenly realize that its good that we have a warm jacket and some tights…

Jacket: Cowichan sweater by Noan Kurka „anuenue“
Tweed skirt with Owl Belt: „owly skirt“ in Maroon by me (ask me if you want to buy, not set up yet)
Tights: c´st la vie
Hat: Wildo (isnt it amazing?)
Skin: Lapine by Launa Fauna
Sneakers: soreal Superstars
Hair: Jess by Truth (freeby)

LOTD- out of the red room

Capri pants: MNK
Blouse: MNK
Hat, Glogs: Saikin (secret room)
Ring: TOSL
studded Armcuff: by me
skin: Lapine „voom“ by Launa Fauna
Hair: Dorothy by truth (old)

Looks of the day and other…

LOTD whats underneath…

should not allways be hidden.

This look basically comes from my new undies made by Nylon Pinkney. Everything else I added to match and expose it. I had to dive very deep into my inventory and I found some long forgotten treasures by that time

Undies: (Nylon Outfitters) Veronica
hat: dove hat by Megg Demina (chapeau tres mignon) 3 years ago bought
Jeans: by Kari, scaundrel jeans
Shoes: by Tesla, „Athena“ (bought also 2007)
Skin: Blowpop „Elizabeth“, baught but forgotten, what a pitty! its so cute!
hair: Lara by Truth
Belt & Earrings: Wicca black butterfly by me (Stitch by Stitch)
purse: ridicule in bloom (black) also by moi (IM me if you want to buy it, its not in the shop now)

LOTD -Black-and-white-meets-grey

this time its black and white, becaurse I love it

Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Ploom (Platinum Hunt gift)
Shoes: J´s real toes wedges with tassles (old)
skin: fashinably dead
Pearls: Muse (old)
Purse: japan kinchyaku bagg by Nonko Noel (god only knows where and when I got this)
tatoos: :::Dimbula Rose::: OldRose tattoo

just for fun:

hat; Chapeau tres Mignon
hair: Lara by Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel
Dress: Santa Fee dress by Nylon Outfitters
Necklace: BF! by elka lahane

I found the secrtet room and I love it! 🙂

red hat and boots: Saikin
Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Valena by Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel

washed out by the sun and the wind

today my LOTD is inspired my washed out colours. As if I have spent weeks on the sea with wind and sun. It all began with this skin from Kao Sands thats called „sun burn“ only 100 L$ atm

skin: Kao: „non“ sunburn
hair: eha
boots: Autum boots in „sand“ by Reek
Jewlery: paper couture (last yeas summer collection, still available on SLX)
bag:[BUKKA] Leather bag(current group gift)
skirt: „hickory“ by Niniko

Look of the day: Purple Doll

I´m showing my todays look here and will continue with the looks I made a few days ago


this look I made basically because I have bought the new Tres Blah skin Jejune yesterday. I love Juliette Westerburgs skins, they are unique. This special one gaves me a dollish look, I found, but thats maybe because I have modified my face a bit. Nevermind, the purple doll was born.

Skin:Jejune, Cherry by Tres Blah
Hair:Valena, by Truth
Hairbow:Epoque (part of a hairstyle)
Cardigan:Nylon Outfitters
T-shirt: Atomic
Necklace:Yummy, by Polyester Partridge
Purse:Tres Blah, ruffled Purse
Skirt: Dolce Godiva in purple by me (Stitch by Stitch)


This beautifull hat from Wildo was the basic piece of my todays look

Pendant and earrings: by Paper Couture (last years summer collection)
Blouse: Glasnost – Petal Sweater – Blue (new)
Shorts: Surf Couture
Shoes: Surf Couture, Nantucket Spectators
Lacehat: Wildo
Basket with Roses : Stitch by Stitch, not available any more
Hair: Detour
Skin: by Gala Phenix


today is gunday, as I won this bag at the Vooners gatcha machine

Dress: *Crazy* Tijuana Dress Blue
Hair: Jeniffer by Le Lutka
Bag: Vonners, Gatcha prize
Shoes: Aohau gladiator sandals (old)
Mixed tape: by kari
skin: by Gala Phoenix


my look of the day is inspired by the Albero Gatcha Festival, you really should visit. As usual I combined old stuff from my inventory with brand new items:

Hair: Alex by Maitreya (old)
Skin: Cactus Pear by Fashionably Dead (old)
Gladiatorsandals: by Untone Quilt, (very old, not available, es creator is gone)
Giant Coral Necklace: by Stitch by Stich, out of the Accessory Gatcha Machine
Braclet, left: by Storin, Gatcha prize
Braclet right: by LOULOU&CO Gatcha prize
Headband: by Tee* Gatcha prize
Protest Sign: by Duck Soup, gatcha prize
Dress:bb*fleamarket retro blythe dress in green, from the Pookie flea Market


I dont like this hype many fashion bloggers spread, that everything has to be new all the time, although I love shoppig. So I allway try to include „old stuff“ into my outfits. This here looks more like fall then I intendet too…:D its the colours. Its still summer, but even summers know a rainy day

Dress, Jacket: Crazy (new)
Rocket: Doodads
Skin: Lapine by Launa Fauna
Hair: Lamb
Boot: Shiny Things (at least 3 years old)
Earrings::+*R*+ (Albero sim)
Flea Market Bracelets: Cake (very old)
Torn Stockings: Stitch by Stitch (my own brand) old
Headscarf: duboo (new)

gone-but-not-forgotten/memorial outfit

too many of the designers I know right from the beginning have left SL. I wanted to make an outfit that includes a piece of every designer I have, from those who left. It was not easy, but here I go! If you want to do that too, it would be awsome.

Skirt: Grandma! long lace skirt
Top: Untone Quilt
Earrings: Untone Quilt
Shrug and Shoes: Digit Darkes
Books: Grandma!
Hair: Elipeka by EDT

the looks of the last day

I´ve been doing the looks of the days for fun, for a couple of days on flickr now, and friends kept telling me to blog it, so I will now. Starting with the todays look and going backwards:
LOTD-a day in the park:

as summerdays are getting shorter now,I enjoy every free minute outside. The idea for this look came fom the lovley ukulele, I´m wearing on my back and that was sold by MIU 3 years ago. I remembered how many MIU things I have bought, so this summer look was born.

ukulele, knit socks and top: by MIU
hair: eha
head attachment: „on my cloud“ by me (Stitch by Stitch)
frilly skirt: DecoJuku
wedges: Saikin
skin: Curio

I have allways loved these kind of easy and slacky pants that are so totally unchique that its really almost insolent wearing them outside the own private 4 walls. Its a pitty you dont find them much in SL as well. The more I was happy to find those at Saikin. I love to combine them with elegant pieces.

pants: SAIKIN sweat pants
shoes:SAIKIN wedge-sole sandal HUMMING no prim toes for the change!)
Jacket: ATOMIC, Platinum hunt gift
Underwaer: Epoque (former FLF item)
Hair: Exile Samara, Platinum hunt gift
Necklace: Alice in Wonderland by Stitch by Stitch (my own production)
Little branc mouth attachment: also by me(former group gigt)
skin: Curio

my todays look comes from the last FLF, I love this dress !

Dress: Surf & Co (FLF item)
Shoes: Surf & Co
Hair: Ingenue
Braclets: Cake (3 years old)
Headscarf: Duboo
Jar of Picles and Belt: Concrete Flowers
Bandaid: Reek
Giant coral Necklace and Earrings: Stitch by Stitch (currently in my Gatcha machine on Albero Gatcha Festival)
Skin: Fashionably Dead


today look I called Ghetto Queen 😉

hair: Tiny Bird – Sodom South Georgia (yesterdays FLF item)
Tatoo: Artilleri
Fringe Top: Boom
Dotted Jeans: Surf & Co
Wedges: Maitreya (3 years old?
Ciggi:by Doomed Gothly
Loop earrings: by Amerie Spitteler
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Shopping bag: 69 (old group gift)
rainbow cuffs: Boom

LOTD-80ies chick-Challange-by-Beulah-Mills

my todays LOTD motto is: 80ies chick. It comes from Beulah Mills. You can challange me as well, write your ideas here

Skin: Nylon Outfitters (NO) Pale Teeth Gap – Cleopatra (old)
hair: Rockchick lightblonde, by me, not sold now, IM me if you want it
Bag:B@R ::: Crescent Purple
Shirt: Emery (part od the Debbie Dress)
Skirt: Emery
Bandana: Emery
Belt: Ranoel
Stockings:NAUGHTY TornFishnerTights BITTERWINE by Amerie Spitteler
Shoes: Slinky pumps by Maitreya (freeby)
Spiked cuffs: -+ RocX +- Female Black Leather Spiked Bracelets by Play Pool


The motto of my LOTD is a bit funny, its all about Betty, wich means that I used stuff from designers named Betty or stuff with this name. Crazy, I know :D, but why not?

Jeans Jacket and Scrap Books: Bettypage Voyager (BP)
Skirt: Totally Betty
Hair: HS Betty
Top: (Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit Top (shirt
so fra the Betties, the Accessory is not Betty yet
Earrings: Creamshop
Sunglasses: Elate
Belt: The Closet
Shoes: Gbberish


for this look of the day I had to buy nothing new today, wich is really great for the change. This way I get to remember all the cute stuff I bought a while ago and burried in my inventory.

Dress: Niniko
Cape: Niniko
Bag:Checkered leather bag by Cube Sugar (not Sugar Cube)
Shoes: Haley by Felicity Overlord (I bought yesterday)
Hair: Clawtooth „woman of the year“
Skin: Myrandas „Elise“
Tatoo: Artilleri
Ring: Stitch by Stitch „Big picture ring Charade 1“ (new release, I made yesterday)
owl earrings: Stitch by Stitch


my look of the day today is playing with my new releases, yeah, I made some, after many month.

Skin: Elise by Mynerva
Hair: Writer by Detour
Giant Frida Medallion: Stitch by Stitch (new release)

Headband:Stitch by Stitch: Gypsy style headband (new release) comes with and without bands
Giant picture Ring: Stich by Stitch Charade 1
Shoes: Haley by Felicity Overlord
Dress: Stitch by Stitch „Tara“ from earlier this year

get it here:

there are a few more looks I have set up, but I´ll post them tomorrow.