Me and SevenstarMe and Sevenstar

Well, since Sevenstar already introduced me, it’s about time to introduce myself. My second life started somewhere in april 2007. I saw SL at a business convention and was interested right away. My avatar Amon Mielziner saw daylight at May 7th. After strolling around this fascination  world I met Sevenstar Amat. Our meeting was magical.. We soon became close friends and partners sharing interest in building and developing SL products. It showed that our talents completed each other perfectly. After opening our first SL shop many others followed. And we developed Me and SevenstarMe and Sevenstara wide range of products, from furniture to clothing, art and food…. you name it. To me,  meeting Sevenstar in RL also wasn’t a disappointment at all… I am sure it added another dimension to our (R)(S) lives.

We love to create beautifull stuff and are still developing our skills and creativity. Definitely our momentary highlight is the birth of Lumandia, our personal Island in SL. The environment and athmosphere show our very own signature and I am very proud of all the work Sevenstar has put in to it, making it a place where I really feel at home.