lumandia_blog_001.jpgfinally, I have my own piece of land in SL 🙂 I named it after my childhood selfmade fantasy dreamworld, Lumandia. I have no idea where this word came from and what it means. It was just there one day. Once again it shows, SL makes RL dreams come true.

My BF Amon, whom I also happened to meet in SL, and I, have it together. For days, we were building and decorating like hell, but now its done. I`m very happy with it, it´s a surrounding,  I would love to be in, one day. It´s character is not the typical SL „so called paradise“. This idea for the major part of the residents means: sandy beaches and palm treas. Strangly enough, it seams like all share the same idea at that point…

…and its not the giant shopping mall, you can see very often too. No, its more a little villige on a lake, an artists weekend-colony with little shops and a flea market, with lots of green and a bit wilderness. It `s located on the edge of the great Wunderbar Islands, the property and big creative playground of an amazing and wonderfull SL personality, Poppet MacGimsie, a very talented and generous women whom I am really happy to have met. Without her all this would not be possible.

Click here to visit our dream Island of Lumandia.