„Padrina“, thats me, „Padrino“ is my partner Amon Mielziner. As I wrote in my first post, we met in SL a allmost  year ago. Meanwhile we met in real life too and that was not a dissappointmnt at all…:)

together we are „padrina & padrino styles and living“ an SL group. As we have a wide range of interests and activities, we hold several shops (all, except one, wich is located in New Berlin, on the WUNDERBAR ISLAND Sims) with a lot of diffrent items. We started with furniture and deco objects and ended up with scripted ans animated items, with clothes…in fact we did not end up yet. You never know what we will create next. SL is developing and we learn and develop too, the sky is the limit. Our first shop was „Padrina & Padrino Interiors“ and it´s located in Oneiros. Full of antics, „magic“ (texture changing) pictures, in its rich and deep colours, all together its a tribute to VivienneWestwood and her „Anglomania“ with its tartan textures and the english style.


Anglomania feeling-Sevenstar at „Interiors“ by Padrina & Padrino on Oneiros

Visit Padrina & Padrino Interiors at Oneiros.