Life is changing, and SL is even more challenging. Especially, when your landlady is Poppet Mac Gimsie. She owns 10 sims now, and some of our shops are located on these beautifull spots- Our „Gypsy Rose“ in Oneiros was kind of „off the track“ some days ago…but now, allmost overnight, its a top-location on a giant castle plaza.

Poppet´s  restless building and rebuilding (you never know what your sight will be tomorrow) led to a new highlight: The Neuschwanstein Schloss of famous and legendary (and insane) Bavarian king Ludwig II. Thid guy spent all the money of his country for his extravagagant hobby: collecting castles. That´s why he maybe had to die young under never really examined circumstances. Never mind, Poppet put his biggest castle in front of our noses plus his giant overwhelming fountain from an other of Ludwigs castles, the one from „Herrenchimsee“, a replique of Verseilles near Paris. Gigantomania has many faces, and this, no dout is glamourous.

So, I hurried up to make the little hidden shop more stylish, and now I even feel urged to design Ballroom gown. Oh my god! I never thought I would do that….I guess I never will. The opening of the Schloss Neuschwanstein Ballroom will be tonight, in presence of the king himself.


view from inside „Gypsy Rose“


Sevenstars „Gypsy Rose Vintage“ in Oneiros


Panorama view on Lumandia and Neuschwanstein Castle