Yesterday Sevenstar and I were present at the opening of the new Wunderbar Ballroom. Poppet McGimsie and Ha Tenk moved it back to Oneiros. The new ballroom is meant to be the next superlative of all the old one(s). Just need to say it was copied from Castle Neuschwanstein that was originally built in Bavaria/Germany by the crazy King Ludwig. Need I say more…. ? Nevertheless we are sure someday Poppet will come up with a newer version that has even more „grandeur“.Fireworks at Wunderbar

The openings party was just like all nights in Wunderbar.. People dancing line and couples dancing ballroom… Remarkable how much tradition and sustain can be found in SL. Even our disruption by bringing in our friends of Sansibar, Bimbo Imako and Blackfeather Amat, could not break the patterns of this evening. If we had not so much fun in using our alter ego’s trying to spice up the party, it would have been rather dull.

Speaking of traditions.. at the end there was a firework. Which I have to admit was truly beautiful. A sparkle of joy after a colourless (well execpt for Bimbo and BF) evening…

Both tired but still too much awake to go to sleep, Sevenstar and I decided to horseback ride along Oneiros, Tresco and back to our home at Lumandia Island. We realized how wonderful this unique spot is and how lucky we are to live there. Finally, we fell asleep by the forest sounds that reached us through our open balcony doors.

Horseback riding home