We just love to build state of the art products. Especially when we can combine our interests and talents (designing, texturing, building and scripting). It’s so satisfactorily to see how the public loves the products we created. However, we gave up the idea that we can achieve a real product planning. Our products are the result of mind bubbles, spontaneously turned into working products. But than we are at our best. The finest example is our Sewingwonder. Development time from first idea to market release was just over 2 days. And amazingly enough it got to be our bestselling product. Still!!


The Sewingwonder was very much embrassed by our customers and soon they asked us to develop special versions. This resulted in a vintage version and even a special camping version. The last one was ordered by a famous SL fashion designer who wanted the Sewingwonder as an attraction for people that would like to camp for designer clothings.

Feel free to see, try and eventually buy the Sewingwonder in our shops at Oneiros and Tresco.