One of the most amazing things in SL is the fashion world. Of cause I adore the many builder Artists, who managed to build up special scenaries and worlds with an unique atmoshere. Only to name Poppet Mac Gimsie, the creator of the Wunderbar Islands, where we live, or my other favourite places like „Tableau“ and „Lions Shore“.

Yet, the creative input in fashion is uncredible. I wish I really could visit all the marvelous shops, made by talented designers and have all those clothes in RL, my Avatar can buy for little amounts, to change my apperence and my styles in an instance.

I started with an Avatar that was much like my lookalike in RL. As time went by I became more and more interessted in that expanding and sparkling  fashion world, so I decided to become a model. This is however a long way, and so I joined a modeling school with a real education about perfect apperence and a lots of other stuff that belongs to the glamourous modeling world. My teachers were very usefull in this transormation process. This prosecces however is still not finished, though graduation is not very far now…hopefully 😉


not really bad…but its not the perfect look yet—


after transormation….