Just when we were finished with the creation of Lumandia Island we were offered a land conversion. This alteration gave us the unique opportunity to extend the usable space for us and our customers by four times. Unfortunately this meant we had to repack the complete  Island and it’s buildings and infrastructure back into our inventory, because the conversion would wipe out anything on our land. Just to put it all back after they finished the conversion….

Yesterday we spent all night packing, naming and saving all the stuff on our land… This morning we found that Lumandia was competely wiped away and there was nothing left but blue sea and air. And now Lumandia looks like this:

Lumandia wiped out

Tonight we will start to unpack and decorate the new Lumanda again. We apologize our customers for the inconvenience but we are sure the new Lumandia will be even more magic than the one we created before…..

So for the time being.. we have to sleep in our tent:

Camping, the real way..