Like the real world Second Life has many different kinds of people. Although every person is unique there are certain categories. SL for example has consumers and producers. Consumers use SL, producers build it, both enjoying it. Sevenstar and I definetely belong to the last category. We love to design and create stuff and work together and with other builders too. Constantly counting prims, wondering how things are built and peeking who made it.

From time to time you find stuff that’s really astonishing. We ourselves are not bloody beginners at all. But some builders deserve and get our deepest respect. I dare not to write down names here and now, because I would certainly forget some who surely earns it…Tree house Frits Asbrink

About a week ago Sevenstar sighted a wonderfull house tree. We found out it was built by Frits Asbrink.

We got in touch with him and he spontaneously offered us to build one for us at Lumandia. It was even greater than the one we first saw. Well see for yourself. Frits your one of our heroes!

Is fun to get in touch with those heroes of SL construction and find out what inspires them… and how in hell they built that thing! It is even more satisfying when you find out that you can join your skills and specialties and learn from eachother, find new places and share eachothers networks to meet even more builders. Basicly that is what Sevenstar and I do as a team and that is how we like to work with other builders and designers.

There is no such satisfaction than to create…. even if its virtual.