…is a thing thats impossible. We are never really „ready“ and when we are, that means dead…hehe

 Yet, Lumandia, the new and rebuilt one, makes progesses. We addad the Factory recently, a place where you can fence and we have some more shops. Oh. I wish, we head the renters I like: creative, funny and productive people doing gorgeous stuff. We have one renter till now, Obi Wobegone, and he deffinately fells this catagories, but we need MORE of them…we have to be patient, time will bring them, I`m sure about that…

Sunday we celabrated Amons birthday in the garden in front of the factory. It was a great party indeed…he loved it 🙂


the grey „Thing“ with the tray in the front, is our Waitress Frau Kohnke…strangley enough she never rezzed properly…even SL could not take this overwhelming shape 😉