has just started. I´m thinking about what I will change in future..„shall I put more energy into SL?“, that was the question I was asking myself for a long time. I have reached a bit, i have built up several shops, brands, I have seen how my creativity got visible here..I have learned a lot, and its a pleasure to see, that my things and clothes sell, that people love them…

So, shall I go the next step, to play it real? To become one of the big SL designers, like those I love and who have done great things? Like for example…Nylon Pinkney with her Nylon Outfitters, or June Dion with Bare Rose, or Leezu Baxter..or Digit Darkes…just to name a few of them.

I´m thinking about, but I think I will…the name will be „stitch by stitch couture“…I allready have my „Gypsy Rose vintage“, my vintige-style-one-piece  and that will stay