once again, for the second time in 2 weeks, we have to face the effects of hosilty and destructivness in SL. After we made our experiences with Poppet McGimsies ways to deal with renters, this is a new „highlight“…

this morning I went to see my shop in moosh, some customers were allready waiting for me there, strangly  enough I saw nothing…first I thaught, that the sim was rezzing extra slow, but then a groupnote from Elizabeth Hallstrom flew in, in wich she wrote, that she is sorry to anounce, that her bussiness partner and sim co-owner Dane Koba has deleted everything on the sim! You might ask, why the guy, whom I never met, did that without any anouncment or reason…well the answer is: he and Elizabeth split up their relationship an hour ago, so he thaught it would be an effective act of personal revenge on her, as she was the one, who was in charge with the shops and the designers. Imagine that! there are about 30 designers and shop keepers concerned…only because 1 single jerk lost his mind.

SL offers many possibilities for creative people,but its really the dark side of this medal, that every idiot can play „god“ there. There are no rules and laws to punish egomans for their destructivity on other peoples work for dumm and vain reasons. It`s  pure anarchy n a way. You are not sheltered from this…till now. Maybe one day low will even come to SL.