I have not bloged for a longer period, cause I´ve been busy with making stuff for my shops.

Yet, the recent developments on Moosh force me to react again. Less then 4 weeks ago a guy called Dane Koba destroyes the upcoming shopping place, home of many designers in SL, bacause he was angry with Elizabeth Hallstrom, his former girlfriend and partner. She said something to him, that made him mad, and thats why he thought it is allright to turn into a furious  tornado, deleating everything in sight. It`s needless to say how childish and responsibleless this behaviour is. People like him should not own anything, where others are involved, they are a disaster for everyone.

Now, after LL kindly rolled back the sim and everything seemed to be allright again, Elizabeth herself, former victim of Dane Koba and his posse, decides to do the same. Her „reason“ is, that she has got enought of Danes and his posses insults and that her feelings are really hurt. The first question is: „why are those people like Dane Koba not banned from the land, why aren´t they muted?“ They are still around.

second question: „what do the shop keepers and designers have to do with this personal childish and immature- he said that to me-she said that-Kindergarten between Liz, Dane and who ever?“

why do we all have to be sacrified for that nonsence without any warning?

Elizabeth pretends to care, but she just goes on, leaving the same disaster like her Ex. absolutely without any feeling of responsibility for people, who feel like toys in a stupig game.

Elizabeth showed that she is unprofessional and immature, choosing to let everyone down. I hope she is not going to do anything like that project, involving people, untill she gets grown up and a responsible person.