Yes! You can be successful without creativity. Just, borrow some ideas from other designers… they have so many great ideas, why not use them to build your own business in SL. Just go around and copy what ever looks goos and succesfull to you.

Look at this sweet sleeping japanese princess. Isn’t she sweet…… She calls herself chocolate Arashi and is on of those gold diggers. Even her name is fake. She borrowed it from our wonderful friend and designer chocolat Yifu. Besides this name she tries to copy all the good stuff she finds in SL and tries to sell it as her own.

Of course evolution is trying to make better products all the time. There is so much satisfaction in designing and building great products. It is great joy when people like them, buy them, wear them or put them in their SL homes.

But why bother when you can just walk through SL and copy great ideas.

She tried to copy some of our products too. Bought them in hope she might get a peek in my scripts. After finding out she cannot she tried to return them to us to get a refund…. Refund? I mean refundS. Because she claimed a refund with both me and my partner Sevenstar.  Our policy is that people can get a refund if they really dont like the product they buy…. This lady tried to get her Vintage Sewingwonder refunded by both of us. And she almost succeeded too…. We visited her shop and found out she did a hard days work in copying.

Good to know there is a movement in SL that help real designers to protect their creative products from people like her. We support this movement because it is a real necessity. We will keep you informed in this blog about the progression. chocolat  Arashi and consortium…. be warned!

Amon Mielziner