creating our new brand for Interiors *BOHO* was a step on  the the discovery we made 3 days ago. A groupmember from our update group has build up her business on our creations and textures. We are still thinking what do do and not outing this person yet….But there will be some consequences.

The only thing we can say is, that we were very naive to sell all our eleborate textures full perms and really cheap, without setting up the shop policies, that those were for private use only. Its painfull to find a place where you can see exactly your stuff.

Anyway, it was time, to unpack the beautifull furniture, that was „forgotten“ in our inventories, to set it up in a new context und to create some more of it. So *BOHO* was born….

Strange, but we had this logo ready in an hour…

the new store, second floor of „Stitch by Stitch“ in Fuzzy

„Slutty Chest“…..