what´s new in the last couple of days?

well besides Amon and me building a new fab mainstore on Juicy Bella sim, there is something new indeed 🙂

I graduated „Avenue“ Model school and am a brandnew official Avenue model, the agency led by Rusch Raymaker and having SL´s most glamourous models under conract…such as Mimmi Boa for example.

Avenue´s  Head, Kryptonia Paperdoll made an amazingly great job with us 4 girls and 1 boy, leading and motivating us through the weeks, allways helpfull, never loosing her humor.

Despite this time scedule stress, I made some new clothes and Amon is busy with animation and scripting for our new (yet secret) item…

Sevenstar Amat at the „Avenue Models“ Graduation Show, featuring „Bare Rose“

I was so happy to show Bare Rose clothes on my Graduation Show, since I love and adore June Dions work from my first days in SL on. Having her as the show´s  sponsor was a good omen for me and I really made it! 🙂 I made it even there were some little disasters during the show, like uutfits not rezzing…(well yes, I am a bit supersticious), but hey I made it!

I am crazy with Tartans, thats obvious…new hat „playfull trucker basecap“

And here I go again, „Anglomania meets Dragon“ :