…is chososen from the group pool, and her name is Hallie Galli.

Hallie is showing our new Fall Fashion items in our Fuzzy shop display, the pictures were taken by Avenue Models´s photographer Tillie Ariantho.

As I am actually exposed to fall and vanishing summer sun, I know how hard it is to cope with the cold days, grey skys and rain. Many of you dont have that problem, because you  live in sunny regions or experience spring right now…anyways, in those coming days, where it is more attractive to stay inside then to go out, it is hartwarming to have beautifull coloured stuff, like coats, boots and umbrellas. It make stepping outside more easy 😉

I allways hated dark and grey winterstuff, and I promise, this will never be seen from „Stitch by Stitch“, as long as I am able to make pixelclothes 🙂