Dear friends,

Today some – let me say: messy reporaches were made against Amon.

To clarify them, Amon sent the follwing text to the Aden hair group members. In case you’ve heard of this evil story, we kindly ask you to read and pass your own judgement on it.

Hugs, Momo 

„Dear groupmembers of Aden hair group,

Aden Breyer accused me of having „stolen“ her Colleen“ hair style.

Please note: I do not copy or steal hair, I don’t even make hair. I just make hair building parts for hairdesigners.

The only „crime“ I commited was that I put a picture of my partner Sevenstar on the box coincedentely wearing this particular hair. The box also says that this hair is NOT included. This might have been naive, but its not copying or content theft. It just shows what is possible to build. I am really tired of this hysteric witchhunts, accusing everybody and everyone without proper investigation. Sevenstar has sent a reaction to Aden:

„[4:04]  Sevenstar Amat: Hi Aden, you accuse Amon Mielziner to have stolen your Aden Hair style. I am sorry to say, but this is really quick accusation and also very bed investigated. First of all, Amon is not a „her“ as you wrote, a short look in his profile, would have made you see that, second, he sells a box of his hair buildig sculpted strands, and the picture, you are so upset about, is me wearing Colleen indeed. But, would you have looked further, you would have noticed, that this picture is just an example to show what one can build with those hair parts, not Colleen hair from you itself. Who do you think we are? this would have been far to stupid and poor, copying someones hair and taking the very picture for the box. By the way, Amon sells only sculpted parts and no hair, and that should be allowed. If you like, he will remove that pic, but next time, check better, before you accuse.“

Well, if you think „what is this fuzz all about…“  so do we. We are honest hard working SL designers and do not need to copy stuff…
In fact all of our stuff is copied constantly… do we make a drama out of that? No, we just continue inventing and producing good stuff…

Now, Aden you had your 15 minutes of fame…. get on with your work. 



PS I would generously accept an appology from Aden for black writing me with gossip.“