…by Sevenstar Amat

Dear blog reader, who ever you are,

finally I made up my mind, to say some general things about the latest development and consuming behavour in SL, that is a cause of disgust to me, but I saw, I am not the only one thinking and writing about these matters.

First of all: from now on, there will be no freebies from my side, except as an exclusiv groupgift. The group became exclusively anyway lately, so that we are quite safe from the freebie hunters. Our groupgifts are appriciations for our customers/friends, no teasers.

Of course I am not talking about freebies, offered to newbies, as they need some equipment for their start in the virtual world, that Is something I support. Amon and I allways gave  a lot of free things to the newcomers.

I am talking about this grabbing-everything-mentality, the so called „Freebie Culture“. It shocks me to see avatars turbo-tp-ing into my mainstore just to grab a freeby anounced in a group, shouting out simewide „´WHERE IS THAT FREEBIE???!!!“ as they dont see it in the first 5 seconds. I am talking about those hunts and freebIE churming ups from designers to the mass of brainless grAbbers and consumers, burrying everything they can get in their overstuffed inventories. This churming up to the mass shows no selfconfidence into the own design and product, and often with a very good reason. When I do not believe into the quality of my designs, I do obtrude or force on them to people. I decided that I do not need this. We do not need this, I can frankly speak for Amon too. Everyone has the customers he deserves, and we for sure do not deserve the brainless mass. Anyone who buys something from us, has an extraordinary taste, thats why we set up this tag for our groupmembers. Extraordinary means: I am not average.

As a Designer and Artist I bring all my qualities, my inspiration and my time into my designs. That´s why they might be different from many others, I do think about them a lot, they have a „soul“. The time I put into every dress or skirt is at least one whole day, often much more- I do involve my RL  artwork like painting and illustration into it, I sit in RL and do scratching and blueprints all the time.

So, where is the problem paying me an rediculous amount of lets say 175, L$, wich is less then 1 EURO or dollar for a dress or skirt? For the quality and uniqueness of design I produce, I am anyway far to cheap. I do not play the exclusive card like many otheres, I want to stay available to my customers, but hey, I will not play the „cheap thrill“ card either.

I have an average quote of 40 -60 Euro per hour as a designer and I do spend REAL LIFE AND WORK TIME doing those things for the virtual world. So why in heavens name should I give them away to people who only grab everything they can get?

Generally said, this grabbing mentality is  something that shows people inner emptyness. This is a general evidence for ultra consuming bahaviour in RL AND SL, all this stuff shall fill up the void inside. Of course, like every drug it helps only for a short time, its a cheap thrill for the moment, and it will leave us empty again and out on the hunt for more stuff.

I do not think, that I stand above this human behavior, it´s something I know too, and I have been up to as well. As I see that 100 items more for free, grabbed at a hunt, just fill up my invy and leave me unsattisfied, I do not want to support it any more. It cannot be the sence of our virtual existance to blindly gather stuff. We came to SL to show some new interessting side of ourself and to develop. At least in my case it´s like that, and I want to be sourroundedby people who think similar.

I am not a designer for the mass, is the conclusion. I do not care if I loose customers with this statement, as I know that there are many quality people ot there who THINK and make a difference.

The worldwide economical crisis, that effects SL economy as well, will make us all finally think about our consuming behaviour, will hopefully make us think about what we buy and wich value it has to us. Better buy less, but quality and stuff that has a meaning and a sence to us.


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Sevenstar Amat

(speaking for Amon Mielziner and Miefmupfel Willis too)