Dear Friends 🙂

Today we  would like to present you two new releases and want to introduce to you our model of the month november: KYLIE BALOGH. Kylie represents our Berlin line.

Doesnt she look sweet ??!!

Read my interview with Kylie:

1.  Since when are you in SL ?

After reading several newspaper and magazine articles about Second Life, I logged in on June 6, 2007 and became immediately addicted. 8 to 10 hours each weekday is not unusual for me. RL responsibility keeps me away evenings and weekends (husband time). 

2. Where are you living in RL ?

I spent the first few months in a small rental apartment on a quiet sim. After getting involved in modeling and photography, I wanted space to set up a studio in-home so I moved to a large rental plot and had a house built. I loved the location. The island had all large residential lots, no retail, a beautiful public beach area, a lounge and lots of live music events. However, I found that I could afford my own private island on the Paquin sim. There was an initial purchase cost but my monthly outlay is less than I was paying for rent. So, I built a house on what I call „Balogh Island“ in Paquin.

Paquin is connected by water with two other sims, forming the Nevia Archipelago chain of islands. They are Nevia, Beylix, and Paquin.The three sims are dotted with private residential islands. It’s a beautiful place to sail around and a quiet place to live.

3. What are your expectations as a customer from a SL-designer ?

I spent the first few weeks in SL grabbing freebies and buying clothes and accessories rather indiscriminately. I quickly ended up with an inventory of typical SL stuff. I soon realized that I didn’t want to look and dress like everybody else and began a more active pursuit of better fashions.

I spend a lot of L$ in SL, shopping is an addiction. I’m at a point where I find myself searching for and buying from less-know boutiques and better designers. When I’m shopping for clothes, price is not the major concern. What I look for are unique designs with high quality workmanship. Fit and finish (textures, movement, etc.) is very important. I want to look good, I want to be noticed, I don’t want to look like everybody else. So I’ll purchase clothing that I find attractive and will make me look and feel good. I’m particulary interested in limited edition designs. It takes the „joy of ownership“ to another level.

4. What do you like about STITCH BY STITCH most ?

As I stated in my previous answer: unique designs, high quality workmanship, fit and finish, etc.

SL is jam-packed full of ho-hum, seen-it-before, dull, and just-plain-bad clothing from unoriginal, uninspired copycat designers. The items from Stitch by Stich are true standouts, real originals.

The other nice component is the designer/owner. Sevenstar makes shopping fun, truly shows interest in her customers and has an obvious concern for their satisfaction. This creates customer loyalty.
5. What is your favorit STITCH BY STITCH dress and why ?

That’s hard to pin down, I have several faves: Violet Night, Geisha Girl, etc. But I guess my all-time favorite is „freida k.“. I refer to it as a piece of wearable art. I’ve had more compliments wearing this than I have wearing any other dress I own. It’s colorful, fun and flirty. It fits  perfectly and moves with a graceful sway.

Here are the two new releases of our Berlin-Line:

Berlin Doggie-Style:

A cute sweater, available in two different colors

Little Miss Berlin:

A skirt with matching belt and sweater in different brown colors

I bet you like it !

Hugs and have nice weekend 🙂