first of all I need to announce, that we are going to have a mix and match contest very soon. Momo will tell you more about it here and in the group. As „Stitch by Stitch“ developed to a big amount of dresses and single pieces of all kind, we found it fun to combine them with each other and create more and more  new looks. It ´s like discovering surprising new dressing up  possibilities in your old closet, its fab!

I also decided to separate some skirts out of the ready outfits, one of them will be Miss Vixie. This extraordinary dress designed for a special girl, has a stunning tull movement. I added some new colours for the „Miss Vixie big tull skirt“, so you have one more piece for the mix and match game to play with. Its my favourite piece atm, the movement is beauifull. Alongside with tights and sweaters it can be a great and unusual Winter outfit


 Miss Vixie Gypsie, showing a new colour with every movement



as seen here, the skirt works for mix and match in many ways