Here are the facts:

Pre-Condition: Join our STITCH BY STITCH Flickr-Group. The contest will only run there. Klick to get to Flickr: Uppload your picture to the group and name it „MM Contest-Pic“.

The rules: Please only shoot STITCH BY STITCH-Outfits or single STITCH BY STITCH clothing parts.

The contests theme is: „Mix & Match“ which means: Wear – combine the clothing parts fanciful, bright, crazy, colorful. Let your fantasy flow :)) Accessoires from other designers are allowed. But please only accessoires…

Till the end of january 2009 you can upload one pic to three pics – as you like it. At he end of January 2009 a jury will find the three winners. Until then every week we choose a winner of the week. The winner will be named in our blog and the pic will be shown. Of yourse the pic of the winner of the week will participate untill the end.

The prizes are:

1. Prize:

A special „stitched“ unique outfit plus 1.000 L$.

2. Platz

A special „stitched“ unique outfit plus 750 L$.

3. Platz

A special „stitched“ unique piece plus 500 L$.

It does not depend how difficult you edited your pic – put the outfit into the pics front 🙂

STITCH BY STITCH Flickr-group:

Link to our mainstore:

Good luck and hugs 🙂