this was a really busy week indeed. A couple of days ago I realized that it was allmost December and I have not done anything for my December fahion thread. As many of you might know, we nominate a „model of the month“ every month, and this is allways someone from our group- Last month it was Kylie Balogh and it was clear since long, that our December will be Juls Rosca, a long time SL friend and groupmember of the first hour.

I was talking to Juls about doing some underwear and homewhere for her exposition in the Fuzzy shop display-the place where this model of the month happening allways takes place. But the more December approached, the less I felt the urge to do it…I mean, this is a kind of inspirational thing, and I had absolutelly no mood or feeling to do it. I was even afaraid, that I will have to let Juls and my customers know, that this month thread needs to be cancelled, because of me feeling tired and undinspired and slacky. I had lost my energy on some other battlefields and it seemed like I was empty and fed up.

Then suddenly, Wendsday night this week, short before going to bed or better said faint from my chair from tiredness, it was there! I got stuck by a kind of fashion enlightment…lol, and I knew exactly what was to do. Where this came from, I have no idea, its just a fact that I did everything  in very short time, and that there will be more of this collection „Bohamian Winter“- It allso made me bring back the good old „Peace Sign“, the symbol of the flower power generation. The whole collection reminds me on „swinging London“ of the 60ies, the time of the young Beatles, Stones, Twiggy and the glamour groupies. I wish I could have a time machine to travel there, and for one day stroll through the back-then Portobello market and the little shops, with the smell of „Grass“ and Patchouly perfume in the air.


Juls Rosca, Model of December showing the neo.flower power Boho Collection and Accessoirs

left to right: „Valeska“ Hippie pants, „Mailbox sweater“ and „Boho Peace cult belt“, Necklace and earrings,

„Vivianne“ Hippie mini dress with tights and hotpants, and „Veruschka“ Hotpants with belt and „Mailbox sweater“ and matching tights