yesterday afternoon I slipped into my alt, to do the weekly fashcon promotion. I had all this new stuff and I was wondering how much the fashionstas would like it. 5 Minutes after I send it out, the store in Fuzzy was full with 10 girls , hovering in the air  and hitting vendors, trying on their new clothes. It took me a while to realize, that one of them was not buying anything, just scanning every single vedor. The others left, new arrived, but this single brazilian avatar was still there, moving from vendor to vendor, slowly checking every detail, not reacting on my attemts to contact her.

btw it is very easy to be a Copybot, or like others say in the „God Modus“, every nerd can sort that out. This state gives you the opportunity to take a full perms copy of everything you see and want. Just like that. Most of the people in SL think its immoral to do that, but some, as we all know, have no scrupulosity to take advantage of this.

I must say that I was really slow and tired yesterday, it took me quite a while till I allowed those outrageous thoughts to crawl into my consciousness. So I watched for about half an hour, what this woman was doing, being myself paralized and kept in a mixture of fascination and consternation, unable to do something, just watch the copybot in horror. The only thing I did was letting Juls Rosca in IM know, what was going on, because I was in chat with her anyway.

The brazilian copybot went on doing it, moved to my first floor to take the furniture, till I managed to sort out some reasonable thoughts in my head, to come to life out of my paralisation. I called Amon Mielziner, my Partner, who just came in and I informed the sim owner Popfuzz Bamboo and her Manager Hazel Coppens, who  banned the copybot, who was, finally balked in her dirty business, already next door to scan the content of my neighbours shop.

Afer that, I send out a warning groupnote to the Designers in Seclusion Group, and it was really interssting to see how this self appointed community of designers reacted, I am not sure that I can call those halfhearted 1-2 comments a reaction. That was my next shock, to see that my concerns, and my concerns could be their concerns too tomorrow or any time, are of no interesst to them. I remember how much fuzz iz allways is when anyone of them thinks some tort happened to them, how much screech and exitment. As it was not them, but „only“ me, so „what do I care I need to chitchat here“, I found only DiS Member Grace Niles being interessted and helpfull and I really want to thank her very much for her support.

The Brazilian Copybot meanwhile dissapeared to her land, where she got protected by her landowner, wich in an issue btw too. Anyway. we will keep watching her and her „fashion store“ füll of stolen stuff from all places

The point is that I am disgusted about human behaviour in general. I I am not naive to think that SL has any better people than RL, but I see no sence in doing this. I even have understanding, when someone steals, because he is poor or hungry, and he cannot bear others beeing in abundance all the time. But this is only about mantal powerty. These people have no style, no inspiration, no idea, so sence for arrangment of colours and shapes, they are only greedy as they see you creating something new and interessting, and they are jealous. I even see a diffrence between those cases who copie my stuff by „beeing very inspired“ wich is my nice and soft transcription now, and „very inspired“ means to copy it and change only few details. This allready happened to me and it still happens. This just taking it as a copybot is  disgusting. I questionion if it makes any sence beeing creative and successfull in SL any more in general.