Male fashion you may ask yourself? YES!

Stitch by Stitch finally goes into male fashion too. There are so many handsome male avs and so little great male fashion.. that we decided to start a male collection too. And before you scroll down this blog…

Genuine Stitch by Stitch male fashion

Genuine Stitch by Stitch male fashion

NO we are not showing any pictures of it yet. Sevenstar is working 24/7 to create the first male collection. It will be shown by our own Berlin Models soon. If you want a sneak preview anyway.. just find me in SL.. I have the honor to  be wearing the first released pieces of the new collection all the time.

The new male collection will contain brand accessories too. So before you are planning to buy a new belt… wait.

Got high expectations already? You should. We are doing our stinking best to amaze you.