Dear readers,

I have not posted for a longer time because of the hollidays and beeing ill of cold (and still am) Yet I have made some new things even I am a bit scatterbrained because of  fever, like these 2 winterskins, available as free groupgift in my customers group, or really cheap in my mainstore. As my customers said, they are great quality. I am very new in skin making, but as an RL painter and artist I am quite skilled to do so, its easy for me. I wonder why I have not tried before…lol..I will do some special skins for the saisons, but we will not specialize on them, its just a side track. I allways saw myself as not only a fashion designer but someone who does design widespread, and that includes furniture, accessory and fun stuff too. Of cause it would be better to concentrate on one thing, but I sort of cannt 😉 However, special edition skins are a new little branch of our product line and I am sure some day I will ad some hairs too.


The first is „Winterstroll“ and it provides you the look, after haveing taken a long walk outside in the snow, with apple cheeks and rosy hands and nipples (the picture is too pale to show the details). The other one „I´ve got a bad cold!“ is a fun skin, it shows the processed condition of beeing exposed to the winter „blisses“, the heavy cold. Actually it shows my monentary RL state (lol) with red nose, fevery cheeks and a fever blister above the lip. Alongside with this skin, there is the fever thermometer in the box, as well as a big hankie on a huge safty pin, to attach it somewhere on your clothes. Lol, thanks to Amon for sculpting the hankie 🙂

This is far away from beeing elegant or cute, but allways cute and elegant is boring. We need to make a diffrence, is my oppinion, there are too many Barbie Dolls in SL, too much superficial made up so called beauty without sence or personality. Too much uninspired boring humorless fashion, often self entitled as „High fashion“. I understand that SL is quite young and its a major need of mankind to consitute beauty(or at least whatever they regard as beauty), as soon as the tools provide this possibility. We all more or less loved to play with Barbie Dolls when little, and this is a part of dream coming true thing I guess. Also for me, I admit.  SL made us all beauty queens and mega long leged classy top models with lillte asses and silky awsome long hairs. That´s more then natural that people try to fullfill their dreams and wishes in the first hand. I also am not going to say anything against esthetics or beauty in general, as its my main driving force to make art. Don´t get me wrong. I am only tired of this mainstream and allway the same „look here, I am a barbie beauty queen“ self-mise-en scene without any ironical wink or humor included. It would be great to see more inspired- by- imagination -and- intelligence- looks, to show more variaty of self expression. I know there are people doing this, I love their work, and representative for all the great creators, I will name only Nylon Pinkney here, but there are many more, especially coming from Japan.

I am sure that, as time will go on and SL and its diffrent branches will develop further, there will be more of this stuff, that shows diffrent conditions then only shiny surface fake beauty at any means. Lets see what 2009 will bring to us all, I wish to see less making me yawn-of-boredom-Barbies and to you dear readerI wish  the very best in SL and RL,

Hugs, yours sincerely

Sevenstar Amat