I can happyliy say that my new groupgift, the „I´ve got a bad cold“ skin was a big succes, Amon even added a fever theremometer to underline the feeling-misserable expression…here Katime Vacano and Pootha Bailey veeery sickkatime

Katime Vacano, taken by her self (sorry Katime, I did not ask if I can use the pic, hope its okay…lol)


Pootha Bailey, taken by herself…. (same to you Pootha)

Pooha Bailey is the manager of the Albero Sim. I am happy and proud to be invited to be a part of it. Today, the brand new Albero Sim (Owner and Builder Dazai Voom did extraordinary work here) was opened, the design is very unique, I will write more about it soon.

Pootha has written something about „stitch by stitch“ on the japanese Albero Blog, here is the link


she looks too cute in my skins and the new knitted mini sweater dress, something that my mom has made for me in RL. I do that sometimes, bringing my RL clothing to SL, so here it is 🙂

finally after all, Amon and I made a new piece of furniture, the animated writing desk


take care, Hugs