many of you might not know, but I have started a Fashion and Modelling Agency in SL 2 month ago. I have not written about it yet, because things went sort of upside down and we had not so much time.

Speaking of „we“ means my partner „in crime“ Imogen Miklos and me. Myself, living in middle of Berlin, Imogen on the other side of the atlantic ocean, we met in SL. Sharing the same ideas about fashion and visions about what fashion can be, we agreed in the fact that, if we do something like a fashion and modelling agency, wich is not new in SL, it will be something totally diffrent and „off the track“. The location was found soon, in New Berlin, she SL equivivalent of my RL hometown. In the middle of the old GDR center beneath the famous TV Tower, we have settled in original 60 ies socialistic style built . Meanwhile we are in the process of recruiting  models, wich in this case means unique personalities with brains, style and a look, that´s away from the usual „I-baught-a-prefab-modellingshape“, (yes we need some more men, with girls we are almost fine so far).

Our criteria and our auditioning  process might be hard for many, but that is all it is about: in the end this process filters out the ones that fit to us and vice versa.

So what is this „Berlin style“ you might ask…well, it is a way to be free and creative with clothes, playing with styles and mixing it in new unusual ways. Of caurse it´s an advantage to live in a city where is much freedom and less pressure with dresscodes and tradition then in any other place, and this advantage plus the extra dash of the still existing revolutionary pioneer  feeling of something new, that came up after the Berlin Wall went down (1989), was a benefit to the fashion development of the city. Going down the street, I see a lot of new small fashion stores and new designers opening their little studios and courageously showing  their ideas to the whole world passing by. Berlin is not New York, it is not Tokyo (I wish it was) but it has its own beat and style, and that´s something I would miss, should I ever have to live in a less developing and vivid place.

The terms I connect with the Berlin feeling are „Cultureclash“…(and yes clashes cause allways sometning new when they happen, and there have been the big clash of  capitalistic versus socialistic lyfestyle, showed in the est/west parts of city here) some kind of bolschy ways, as Berlin draws a lot of  unjusted characters from everywhere in the world, and then still some old school prussian tradiotin feeling, wich is subtile, but it nutriciously feeds the feeling of  „I-dont-care-about-anything-freedom“ . So I can say,  its the „Wild East“ but its also has tradition and glamour. Lets say, I can sit in a very trendy preppy cafe for a business meeting in the morning, in the noon, I will go out to some of the many parks, and eat my sandwich with the punks and freaks and chat about the newest drugs, in the evening I might dance in my old fleamarket sequin gown on a film premiere ball, flirt with totally drunken Quentin Tarentino or cath the eye of Brad Pitt, who also has a house in Berlin. And thats far not all I could do!… It´s so many towns in one, and its many timeshifts and lifestyles in one life, all possible on one single day. That is what Berlin Style can show: freedom, security and the total lack of it, still tradition in a new context, subcultures, revolution, bohamian lyfestyle, protest, affiliation, exclusion, exclusivity, proletarian lifestyle, obstinacy, sucess, not caring of success and most of all: glamour that is made of many non glamourous ingrediants, but it still has its glitter. A living contradiction that is very possible!



Berlin Style: take something from a fab designer, take your old biker boots, you have hyped up with some details, take your grannies expensive family jewllery (she might not know you „borrowed“) take your girlfriends favourite shirt and your new vintage belt from the flea market, and there you go with your own totally unique look!

We think SL needs some of this lifestyle and fashion vision and we are going to bring it there.


Hugs to all!

Sevenstar Amat

p.s. btw…after all, I myself dont like SL modelling any more for me, after making my experiences and seeing this SL scene from the very inside. I am for sure not made for the runway, but I´m very well made to make whats on the runway! 😉