I was busy with finishing the new fashion threads for February, so the question about the model of the month came up late. I asked one of the Berlin Models, Dunia Moulliez, as my former chosen model from my update group let me down. The  reason why I asked her  is that I wanted someone who was comfortable with the colours I used this time, and Dounia is a black model, I was sure that my yellow would suit her very well…Otherwise she looks great and is a pleassure to work with. A real professional.


obviously the right choice: Dunia in the „Arabella“ tweed shorts and „Flinder“ sweater with matching sculpted legwarmers



Dunia Moulliez wearing „Pepita“ and „Sweetie Pompon“


Interview with Dunia Moulliez:

1. Congratulations for beeing „Stitch by Stitch“ Model of the month February…did it surprise you?
Of course i was surprised. In SL the competition for such an accolade is that fierce, you can’t expect anything. Oh or did you ask honored? Yes i am too.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself please. What was your reason for coming to SL and were your expectations fullfilled?
I am Dunia – ah no thats only partly correct you have to write my name from  right to left ايندُْ   and it means world. Cruising through SL i recovered my love for the arabian culture, tried some roleplaying – but ended up in the world of fashion now.
I came into SL to build me a life like i dream of. Well – a second one. I did not expect to end up in the fashion world, so no. But i like the second life i live, so yes.

3. What was the most surprising thing for you in the virtual world?

That i discovered capabilities in my i never had in real life.

4. Tell us about your personal fashion style please?
I called it reduced elegance. In all i wear i try to look good with as few effects as possible. You won’t see me in really frilly things :-). If not asked for.
Oh i am black. Without real compromises. Not in rl if somebody needs to know, but in sl. Dunia is black. Full stop!
I tend to oriental styles but here i make more compromises.

5. Did your personal style change through SL?

My style in rl changed, yes. I think i communicate in a more open and selfasure way – a little at least. Oh the clothing? Noo not at all not yet.

6. What is your personal oppinion about the fashion industry in SL?
It is overrepresentated in my eyes but this is the SL economy. Always coming up new interesting designers, pushing the average creativity and quality and the crave to shop for us. Compared to RPG communities the fashion and modeling community seems much more alife to me.

7. Something else you would like to tell to the readers?
Ayyy – I am happy and honored to be chosen as February „Stitch by Stitch“ Model because i like the style. And for me especially the colors Seven uses for her lovely creations.
And i hope you all have as much fun, wearing and combining them as i have.

Dunia, thank you very much for this interview.