Getting the shape I wear now, was a long process. All in all it took 2 years, till I got the look I have now. It was my development in SL as well, from the innocent noob to the “veteran” I am now. Anyway, it has a lot to do with my personality and the changes I have been through in SL. I was asked very often if I would sell my personal shape, and I always though I never would do that, it was much to personal. Nowadays surprisingly, I see it different. Being confronted with copycats of all kind, from copying my clothes and style up to trying to copy my looks and even personality, I was fighting this assaults vehemently, feeling threatened by the attempts of being “Sevenstar”. It is hardly imaginable to me, but obviously many are looking for a role model. For some people I am one. There is nothing bad about this, we all need orientation during our development, and I would not mind, if there were not some very unpleasant “side effects”. This includes that first I get besieged by my “admirers”, they search my nearness and try to talk to me all the time, telling me compliments etc. This so far is okay, lol…after a while I notice that my admirer gets more and more similarities with me. A formerly blond person gets dark and racy, the look changes, getting my style. Then the identification  goes further on, the person tries to act like me…and gives itself the same image copying what I do, sometimes really literally, by taking apart my clothes and rebuilding them almost exactly, this is called “re engineering” I was told. So I find out very soon that this person suddenly got “fashion designer” in SL by selling clothes that are copycats of mine. This is the point where it gets really evil and nasty. Having reached the “goal” by getting Sevenstar alike, real Sevenstar reminds us everyday that we are only a more or less bed or maybe not that bad copy. This is very unpleasant for the former “admirer”, so she gets aggressive against me, which meant I have to “disappear”, so they don´t get reminded. I have been through this in SL for 4 times now, and I must say I am really tired of it. I don’t like hearing that I “inspire” people, because I learned that this means nothing good, I can see the path this is taking very soon. In one case it even went so far, that even my partner in SL was planned to be “overtaken”. That of course did not work.
I am aware of the fact that SL is full of Wannabes, who would do anything to push their egos, no matter how far they would go to reach this goal. Thats why we see so many really bad design and so little really good and authentic stuff.  It is useless to say, that this are mostly women. The coverage of the SL mask provides a really good shelter against the own socially adapted “inhibitions” to be unfair and ugly against the own sex, due  to heavy competitive behavior. Of cause there are really great characters and really awesome women I have met in SL too, but this is the exception, not the regular case. The gathering pool of these characters is the fashion scene in SL, were everything is about vanity and surface. I  ad to this superficial world with my creations and I feed the vanity myself, but I guess my creations have something more than surface, and this something is not copyable. I will stay away from the modeling world in SL a bit more in future and look for some more grounded and creative people. After 2 years in SL I have learned.
Here are my 4 private shapes, now on sale:

Here are my 4 private shapes, now on sale:



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