first I need to post the new dress I made this week


I made this hat and the Doll pumps too….

….other thing that I realized, is that I was „asshole“ of the week“ with my post about copycats and rolemodels. It is really still incredible how stupid and malicious the broad mass is, and how low laveled people think and act. what I wrote is my experience and its a really long story. I dont see any reason to be that assaultive in comments that show either a bit of intelligence or at last the good will to understand what I really meant. Otherweise I cannot understand the mass run on my blog, by evil minded voyeurs and any kind of dirt seekers, some of them really obsessed, coming here 8 times and more. This is really above my head how someone can get a „mental hard on“ on someones personal experience of such an in fact unimportant matter.  A sudden visit flow of a couple of hundred of voyeurs sais it all…lol. Its not that someone wanted to discuss this with me, it all was set up in malicious comments in plurk without me knowing  it. I still have not seen them , and I will not, I heared it from a friend who was the only one to ask.

I know that this malicious stupid mass of SL baitors and „head gossip aunties“ can draw  people into bad moodes  and make  them leave SL , like happened to a friend of mine this week. A really lovley lady and good person has left SL for the stupid flood  of harassment that came over her for a simillar silly reason like in my case. Well I will not do that.

to those who come here for peeping and searching for new material to have a reason to let the world  see their own inner (and probobly outer) ugliness by talking bad about people they even dont know: you can kiss my ass. My real and my avatar ones, whatever you like. If you like, you can come over and search for more in my dirt can, I am sure I can provide you more to easen your need for that. And you guys must need it, otherwise I cannot explain the eagerness in this. Maybe it helps you to bear the pain of you inner emptyness…well in that case its great. You are wellcome.

Thanks for showing me again whats going on. I like SL still.

Have a great day

Sevenstar Amat

p.s. thanks for all those whao are not like that :))) all those who are not concerned by this will know it.