after allmost 2 weeks of doing nothing I thought it was about time to make a new summer dress for SL. I am allways a bit twisted between my RL and my SL work…..and this stress can lead to inactivity ;)… So, I started making a new fabric pattern for a dress I had on my mind. About 2 hours of trying out, or maybe later it became a picture instead of a fabric pattern, as I never know what it will be in the final outcome, but it was okay, it cheered me up after a long period of rainy and cold days, it was a colorsplash on the grey canvas 🙂


this picture will be part of my poster collection at in a couple of days

Adrianna_dressfinally then I went t back to my first plan and created a flower pattern and this dress called „Adrianna“, I am very fond of now

Adrianna_001I love it because it has this cheerfull colours and the playfull details, like the rosette in the back and one extra for the hair. In every dress I make, I think, I put in the spirit of my dear gandma, who was an  extraordinary  dressmaker and whos inspiriation is still with me.

okay, here the details:

Skin: Curio, Vixen

Hair: Unclewebb, Gloria

Poses: DmD by Denise Wirtanen

Shoes: ::Pretties:: by Jori Watler (lolz, why not 2 diffrent colours 😉

Model, Photo: moi

Painting: Elisandra (moi)

Dress: „Adrianna“ from Stitch by Stitch