the new year 2010 braught some changes, among them I was forced by my landlady Gorgeous Yongho, to move from my old location „Juicy del Mar“ to new built „Juicy de Costa“. This was a good opportunity to rebuild the old house and to set up some new things. I decided to outsource my formal dresses to an extra house, wich is the home of a new sub brand of my label „Stitch by Stitch“ and is called „Stitch by Stitch Couture“ now. It took ages to find the right house for the couture line, but finally I was lucky to buy a french style Chateau made by faboulos SL Queen of Victorian lifestyle Fatima Ur. I retextures the inside and outside of this little castle, so it fits perfectly for me. The old mainstore has got a makeover too, a ton of old dust and crap had to be removed. The outcome is really nice so I am really happy with it. I invested a fortune into plants and flowers of all kind, but that was necessary to provide the atmoshere I wanted: the one of a sunflooded summer garden.

the old „Stitch by Stitch“ Mainstore in a new surrounding

the view from the mainstore to the „Stitch by Stitch Couture“ house:

inside the mainstore

inside the couture house:

the new release this week is „Mia“, a dress that comes with a lot of sculpty ruffles and a sexy playfull transparence:

and here is the taxi: