I´ve been doing the looks of the days for fun, for a couple of days on flickr now, and friends kept telling me to blog it, so I will now. Starting with the todays look and going backwards:
LOTD-a day in the park:

as summerdays are getting shorter now,I enjoy every free minute outside. The idea for this look came fom the lovley ukulele, I´m wearing on my back and that was sold by MIU 3 years ago. I remembered how many MIU things I have bought, so this summer look was born.

ukulele, knit socks and top: by MIU
hair: eha
head attachment: „on my cloud“ by me (Stitch by Stitch)
frilly skirt: DecoJuku
wedges: Saikin
skin: Curio

I have allways loved these kind of easy and slacky pants that are so totally unchique that its really almost insolent wearing them outside the own private 4 walls. Its a pitty you dont find them much in SL as well. The more I was happy to find those at Saikin. I love to combine them with elegant pieces.

pants: SAIKIN sweat pants
shoes:SAIKIN wedge-sole sandal HUMMING no prim toes for the change!)
Jacket: ATOMIC, Platinum hunt gift
Underwaer: Epoque (former FLF item)
Hair: Exile Samara, Platinum hunt gift
Necklace: Alice in Wonderland by Stitch by Stitch (my own production)
Little branc mouth attachment: also by me(former group gigt)
skin: Curio

my todays look comes from the last FLF, I love this dress !

Dress: Surf & Co (FLF item)
Shoes: Surf & Co
Hair: Ingenue
Braclets: Cake (3 years old)
Headscarf: Duboo
Jar of Picles and Belt: Concrete Flowers
Bandaid: Reek
Giant coral Necklace and Earrings: Stitch by Stitch (currently in my Gatcha machine on Albero Gatcha Festival)
Skin: Fashionably Dead


today look I called Ghetto Queen 😉

hair: Tiny Bird – Sodom South Georgia (yesterdays FLF item)
Tatoo: Artilleri
Fringe Top: Boom
Dotted Jeans: Surf & Co
Wedges: Maitreya (3 years old?
Ciggi:by Doomed Gothly
Loop earrings: by Amerie Spitteler
Skin: Nylon Outfitters
Shopping bag: 69 (old group gift)
rainbow cuffs: Boom

LOTD-80ies chick-Challange-by-Beulah-Mills

my todays LOTD motto is: 80ies chick. It comes from Beulah Mills. You can challange me as well, write your ideas here

Skin: Nylon Outfitters (NO) Pale Teeth Gap – Cleopatra (old)
hair: Rockchick lightblonde, by me, not sold now, IM me if you want it
Bag:B@R ::: Crescent Purple
Shirt: Emery (part od the Debbie Dress)
Skirt: Emery
Bandana: Emery
Belt: Ranoel
Stockings:NAUGHTY TornFishnerTights BITTERWINE by Amerie Spitteler
Shoes: Slinky pumps by Maitreya (freeby)
Spiked cuffs: -+ RocX +- Female Black Leather Spiked Bracelets by Play Pool


The motto of my LOTD is a bit funny, its all about Betty, wich means that I used stuff from designers named Betty or stuff with this name. Crazy, I know :D, but why not?

Jeans Jacket and Scrap Books: Bettypage Voyager (BP)
Skirt: Totally Betty
Hair: HS Betty
Top: (Ooh LaLa!) Betty BodySuit Top (shirt
so fra the Betties, the Accessory is not Betty yet
Earrings: Creamshop
Sunglasses: Elate
Belt: The Closet
Shoes: Gbberish


for this look of the day I had to buy nothing new today, wich is really great for the change. This way I get to remember all the cute stuff I bought a while ago and burried in my inventory.

Dress: Niniko
Cape: Niniko
Bag:Checkered leather bag by Cube Sugar (not Sugar Cube)
Shoes: Haley by Felicity Overlord (I bought yesterday)
Hair: Clawtooth „woman of the year“
Skin: Myrandas „Elise“
Tatoo: Artilleri
Ring: Stitch by Stitch „Big picture ring Charade 1“ (new release, I made yesterday)
owl earrings: Stitch by Stitch


my look of the day today is playing with my new releases, yeah, I made some, after many month.

Skin: Elise by Mynerva
Hair: Writer by Detour
Giant Frida Medallion: Stitch by Stitch (new release)

Headband:Stitch by Stitch: Gypsy style headband (new release) comes with and without bands
Giant picture Ring: Stich by Stitch Charade 1
Shoes: Haley by Felicity Overlord
Dress: Stitch by Stitch „Tara“ from earlier this year

get it here: slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/212/216/27

there are a few more looks I have set up, but I´ll post them tomorrow.