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Advent calender and new releases

today for the 8th time, a new giftie is out on my Adevent Calender in front of the „Stitch by Stitch“ mainstore on Juicy del Mar

beside that, there are some new releases too, like this cute knitdress in 3 colours:

and this sexy wintercombi Veroushka: and last but not least we have a wearable Cookie tin that gives out eatable gingermen:


Day 6 on the Advent Calender

people keep telling me that my Advent Calender, set up in front of my mainstore on Juicy del Mar is fun and that they feel festive. The more its fun for me to set up new items every day. Well today its something in red. Again its very well combinable with the previous gifts. If you have not got them yet, they are all there.

take a sleigh to my mainstore :

Day 4 on the Advent Calender

its the 4th of december and a new item on the advent calender is out! this time its a pair of christmas boulb earrings

take a ride to juicy del mar:

December/3 a new giftie is in the window!

today the new Advent Calender giftie is out in front of the „Sitch by Stitch“ mainstore on Juicy del Mar. Again it matches with the previous gifts, so that in the end you might get a whole winer outfit together, and more…;) This item today is brand new and extra made for the calender, like the one I have set up yesterday

also there is the frosty wintergrass I made yesterday, to decorate empty snowy meadows, with and without particle script:

take a ride:

new realease: Tartan Jackets offer, look of the day…

as I made the tartan tights (posted allready today), I added 2 casual Jackets, as a special Autum Offer today, A red grey and a mustured coloured one in a pack for 200,-L$. I love this carazy mix of pattern and colours! 🙂 It looks bohamian and yet decent, depends on how you style them.


Styling front figure:

shape: Sevenstar Bombshell, Skin: redgrave Sakura, Hair: Junwave, pose:flowey, tights: „Stitch by Stitch“: Tartanissimo Bonus 2, Jacket: „Stitch by Stitch“ Casual tartan jacket, Necklace: „Stitch by Stitch“ Tartan madness beads

Styling Figure 2:

Shape: Sevenstar Couture Lady, Skin: fashionanly dead, Boots: UBU Rainboots, Hair: lamb! tights: „Stitch by Stitch“: Tartanissimo Bonus 1, Jacket: „Stitch by Stitch“ Casual tartan jacket, Necklace: „Stitch by Stitch“ Tartan madness beads

get them here:

a Cold and Rainy Summer needs Socks!

and Tights and Leggins and Stockings!

sadly enough this summer 2009 is so weird and cold that I felt the urge to produce warmer things. I highly recomand them when its raining cats and dogs (like now) or the temperature falls overnight and it feels like October instead of July.

I made today:


this is also brand new:


those tights are allready from 2008 but still warm and smexy


and last but not least:

Happy-Fall-shootingmy raincoats and umbrellas

The dead Popking inspires Sevenstar

In honour of the dead Popking Michael Jackson, I decided, to name my next releases after his songs. First of all is Billy Jean