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Beads & Stars

I love beaded things, so it was just a question of time to make a new bead necklace, Born this weekend:

get them here:


the cuteness goes on and on…

I made this today, and its available in my new store on Tableau

its available

Greetings from Tableau a cute Weekend Special and new Stuff

there are a lot of news I`d love to share: first of all, I was invited to my favourite SL sim, Tableau, wich really makes me happy, yay!

you can visit this lovley shop here:

then, its weekend again, and I have promised to offer weekend specials for 50 Linden every week, so this time its really really something kawaii:

this cute vintage style dress comes with socks. Matching the „Sailore in Love hat“ :

the hat is a wild composition of cupcakes, roses and doves on a plate

I decided to also offer a „Stitch by Stitch“ shape, wich I do very rareley. After beeing a tall model type for over 2 years now, I created this petite shape, called „Petite Parisienne“, showing the features of a typical french girl, cute, sexy and dollish. It works perfectly with the Sailor in Love look.

an other new release is the „Tara“ set of simple dresses and camisoles in one pack, a basic piece to every wardrobe in 3 colours, featuring 2 different shirt variations as well as a skirt and a shirt option:

and finally there are my „Spring Horns“! why wearing them only in winter?

weekend offers and new releases are all in my mainstore:

Weekend Offer: cherries

I am really sorry that the widley popular „Weekend Fever“ has been stopped, I loved creating for it and it was fun making something in a different colour every weekend. So I decided to keep up this little tradion alone by myself, making something new for 50 Linden every weekend. This time I choose black. So here it is my little playsuit:

available at the „Stitch by Stitch“ mainstore:

Love is the key

there is a fair going on on Albero, the „Albero sweethearts winter festival“ and its all about the magic of winter and love. Many great designers have set up their subject related creations and so did I.

and also some romantic atmosphere spreading lights:

new releases from „Stitch by Stitch“ for the Albero Winter fair

new for the just started Albero Winterfair:

and this:

taxi to the Albero fair:

just stoles,

but cute ones. New release from „Stitch by Stitch“

available at the „Stitch by Stitch“ Mainstore