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„Stitch by Stitch“ on Tableau-little sale

ever, since I entered Second Life, 3 years ago, it was my biggest wish to have a shop on the beautifull Sim of Tableau. Now this wish finally came true, a view weeks ago.

take a taxi to Tableau

As I am taking a break from SL and not creating for now, I still decided to have a little sale in the tableau shop. Several Items will be reduced to 50 Linden, like these ones:

„Dolce Godiva“ skirts with Belt for only 50 Linden each….

the „little Poppy dress“

the lovley „sakura spring horns“

the „Wicca Butterfly earrings“:

the „sentimental cat necklace“:

and for the very first time, I also sell my RL artwork, on sculpted posters as well:

all these items are 50 Linden each 🙂



finally I found the time for a new release for fall, the Tartanissimo! tights in many colours. I made 9 colours in Tartan design and added 2 Bonus tights with extra pattern, so all together its 11 diffrent in one fatpack.


get them here:

Reproaches against Amon Mielziner

Dear friends,

Today some – let me say: messy reporaches were made against Amon.

To clarify them, Amon sent the follwing text to the Aden hair group members. In case you’ve heard of this evil story, we kindly ask you to read and pass your own judgement on it.

Hugs, Momo 

„Dear groupmembers of Aden hair group,

Aden Breyer accused me of having „stolen“ her Colleen“ hair style.

Please note: I do not copy or steal hair, I don’t even make hair. I just make hair building parts for hairdesigners.

The only „crime“ I commited was that I put a picture of my partner Sevenstar on the box coincedentely wearing this particular hair. The box also says that this hair is NOT included. This might have been naive, but its not copying or content theft. It just shows what is possible to build. I am really tired of this hysteric witchhunts, accusing everybody and everyone without proper investigation. Sevenstar has sent a reaction to Aden:

„[4:04]  Sevenstar Amat: Hi Aden, you accuse Amon Mielziner to have stolen your Aden Hair style. I am sorry to say, but this is really quick accusation and also very bed investigated. First of all, Amon is not a „her“ as you wrote, a short look in his profile, would have made you see that, second, he sells a box of his hair buildig sculpted strands, and the picture, you are so upset about, is me wearing Colleen indeed. But, would you have looked further, you would have noticed, that this picture is just an example to show what one can build with those hair parts, not Colleen hair from you itself. Who do you think we are? this would have been far to stupid and poor, copying someones hair and taking the very picture for the box. By the way, Amon sells only sculpted parts and no hair, and that should be allowed. If you like, he will remove that pic, but next time, check better, before you accuse.“

Well, if you think „what is this fuzz all about…“  so do we. We are honest hard working SL designers and do not need to copy stuff…
In fact all of our stuff is copied constantly… do we make a drama out of that? No, we just continue inventing and producing good stuff…

Now, Aden you had your 15 minutes of fame…. get on with your work. 



PS I would generously accept an appology from Aden for black writing me with gossip.“

Flying Pumpkin bed

With Halloween oncoming Sevenstar and I have created some funny in style specials to make your SL party a great experience. The pumpkins we found in SL were a pitty so we have sculpted some real beautifull ones for you. We have already annouced our Pumpkin range and Pumpkin bed. Yesterday we finished our Flying Pumpkin in which you can buzz from one Halloween party to another in style. You can get it at our mainstore at Juicy Bella and the Digital Clay store at Teal Island for a real small price!


Graduated „Avenue“ Model and „Anglomania“

what´s new in the last couple of days?

well besides Amon and me building a new fab mainstore on Juicy Bella sim, there is something new indeed 🙂

I graduated „Avenue“ Model school and am a brandnew official Avenue model, the agency led by Rusch Raymaker and having SL´s most glamourous models under conract…such as Mimmi Boa for example.

Avenue´s  Head, Kryptonia Paperdoll made an amazingly great job with us 4 girls and 1 boy, leading and motivating us through the weeks, allways helpfull, never loosing her humor.

Despite this time scedule stress, I made some new clothes and Amon is busy with animation and scripting for our new (yet secret) item…

Sevenstar Amat at the „Avenue Models“ Graduation Show, featuring „Bare Rose“

I was so happy to show Bare Rose clothes on my Graduation Show, since I love and adore June Dions work from my first days in SL on. Having her as the show´s  sponsor was a good omen for me and I really made it! 🙂 I made it even there were some little disasters during the show, like uutfits not rezzing…(well yes, I am a bit supersticious), but hey I made it!

I am crazy with Tartans, thats obvious…new hat „playfull trucker basecap“

And here I go again, „Anglomania meets Dragon“ :

Top of the bill: our Sewingwonder

We just love to build state of the art products. Especially when we can combine our interests and talents (designing, texturing, building and scripting). It’s so satisfactorily to see how the public loves the products we created. However, we gave up the idea that we can achieve a real product planning. Our products are the result of mind bubbles, spontaneously turned into working products. But than we are at our best. The finest example is our Sewingwonder. Development time from first idea to market release was just over 2 days. And amazingly enough it got to be our bestselling product. Still!!


The Sewingwonder was very much embrassed by our customers and soon they asked us to develop special versions. This resulted in a vintage version and even a special camping version. The last one was ordered by a famous SL fashion designer who wanted the Sewingwonder as an attraction for people that would like to camp for designer clothings.

Feel free to see, try and eventually buy the Sewingwonder in our shops at Oneiros and Tresco.

Sevenstar´s Gypsy Rose Vintage top spot

Life is changing, and SL is even more challenging. Especially, when your landlady is Poppet Mac Gimsie. She owns 10 sims now, and some of our shops are located on these beautifull spots- Our „Gypsy Rose“ in Oneiros was kind of „off the track“ some days ago…but now, allmost overnight, its a top-location on a giant castle plaza.

Poppet´s  restless building and rebuilding (you never know what your sight will be tomorrow) led to a new highlight: The Neuschwanstein Schloss of famous and legendary (and insane) Bavarian king Ludwig II. Thid guy spent all the money of his country for his extravagagant hobby: collecting castles. That´s why he maybe had to die young under never really examined circumstances. Never mind, Poppet put his biggest castle in front of our noses plus his giant overwhelming fountain from an other of Ludwigs castles, the one from „Herrenchimsee“, a replique of Verseilles near Paris. Gigantomania has many faces, and this, no dout is glamourous.

So, I hurried up to make the little hidden shop more stylish, and now I even feel urged to design Ballroom gown. Oh my god! I never thought I would do that….I guess I never will. The opening of the Schloss Neuschwanstein Ballroom will be tonight, in presence of the king himself.


view from inside „Gypsy Rose“


Sevenstars „Gypsy Rose Vintage“ in Oneiros


Panorama view on Lumandia and Neuschwanstein Castle