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late summer offers: cute overalls and dresses for 50 L

summer is comming to an end now: the more reasons to enjoy it and to use every opportunity to wear summer stuff. I´m selling these cute Dresses and overalls for 50L$ each, the pink one is even a todays brand new release!

get a taxi to my Albero store:

Looks of the day and other…

LOTD whats underneath…

should not allways be hidden.

This look basically comes from my new undies made by Nylon Pinkney. Everything else I added to match and expose it. I had to dive very deep into my inventory and I found some long forgotten treasures by that time

Undies: (Nylon Outfitters) Veronica
hat: dove hat by Megg Demina (chapeau tres mignon) 3 years ago bought
Jeans: by Kari, scaundrel jeans
Shoes: by Tesla, „Athena“ (bought also 2007)
Skin: Blowpop „Elizabeth“, baught but forgotten, what a pitty! its so cute!
hair: Lara by Truth
Belt & Earrings: Wicca black butterfly by me (Stitch by Stitch)
purse: ridicule in bloom (black) also by moi (IM me if you want to buy it, its not in the shop now)

LOTD -Black-and-white-meets-grey

this time its black and white, becaurse I love it

Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Ploom (Platinum Hunt gift)
Shoes: J´s real toes wedges with tassles (old)
skin: fashinably dead
Pearls: Muse (old)
Purse: japan kinchyaku bagg by Nonko Noel (god only knows where and when I got this)
tatoos: :::Dimbula Rose::: OldRose tattoo

just for fun:

hat; Chapeau tres Mignon
hair: Lara by Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel
Dress: Santa Fee dress by Nylon Outfitters
Necklace: BF! by elka lahane

I found the secrtet room and I love it! 🙂

red hat and boots: Saikin
Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Hair: Valena by Truth
Skin: Pink Fuel

spring will come!

I am sure. Even it does not look like that at all right now. For those who hope, here my little branch mouth attachment

and this really will brighten up your day! :

at my mainstore:

something new…

is this today, fresh from my workshop:

and this:

Cyrra dresses by „Stitch by Stitch“

It’s gettin really chilly outside, the snow is falling from the sky and that’s when Sevenstar starts knitting pretty things to keep you warm. These beautiful Cyrra dresses come in many color variations and options to wear. Sculpted miniskirt is accompanied by an optional sash and finish the dress with the rolled collar, with and without roses.  Long and short tops as visible on the picture, have different sleeve designs and create a whole piece with  cute matching legwarmers. Look different each time! Also take a look at these cute Owl earrings on the right, also by S B S. A cozy time in the log cabin or a date at Winterstock? Make them special, looking adorable in Cyrra.

s b s blog cyrra
But what’s the fun if you can’t mix and match having so many elements! Here presenting Cyrra in green mixed with honey, with the leggings option. A little close up on the  „Easygoing“ hair with a knitted colorchangable bean and a very detailed silver brooch.

s b s blog mix n match cyrra
Last peek at all the colors of Cyrra! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

new holiday antlers from „Stitch by Stitch“ and some gifts from my Advent Calender

I made some extra new antlers for the christmas days:

and here is an outfit I made from some gifts that are in my Advent Calender in front of my mainstore:

…and everyone came to see the miricle

we have set up an advent calender in front of „Stitch by Stitch“ mainstore, and following an old tradition, every day from 1-24 th december there will be a new giftie for you in the window. All the animals came to see the miricle, and you are invited to come too!

just take Santas sleigh:

Sick Skin-because its winter (sort of)

I am having a lot of fun playing Winter in SL, while my RL is more like spring (no I dont live in Brsil, its Germany actually). In my shop on Winterstock I have set up this set of 2 skins, the first is „Winterstroll“, the second is „I´ve got a bad cold!“ Aditionaly you get a fever thermometer and a hanky. This way you, with feverblister and all,  are ready to signalize the world to stay off your back or pitty you :p

A winter ride

It´s wintertime and everybody is enjoying the fun in the crystal white outside. Amon Mielziner made this beautifull, with  belles and mistletoe  decorated and riding sleigh,  for couples or as a single ride: touch the bell and you will hear its lovley sound!

get it on Winterstock:

Easy Going-new „Stitch by Stitch“ hair

I made new hairs. „Easy Going“ comes in 2 options, with and without brooch and the ca can change 9 colours.



a hairstyle with elegance and understatment