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Winter offer „Winterberry Wreath“

I have not poster here since many monthes, but today I feel like it. I want to introduce a special offer, I am selling in my store on Tableau, its reduced to 50 Linden only:

taxi to the shop:

new releases, Accessorie Fair, Weekend Fever….

omg, there is a lot going on this weekend, Il`ll start with my new releases though and worl work my way down to the accessory fair

“ „Wicca Black Butterfly“ Dress comes with accessorie, all in one pack

available in my mainstore :

then, this weeks Weekend Fever colour is NAVY. I made this sailoer dress for it:

also here:

the bunny is new too, as well as the easter planter:

everyone knows, the Accessory Fair starts tomorrow. I am not supposed to advertize till then, only saying, there will be a hunt too, and I have made something very cute for it.

Happy Weekend y`àll!

Sevenstar Amat (Stitch by Stitch)

just stoles,

but cute ones. New release from „Stitch by Stitch“

available at the „Stitch by Stitch“ Mainstore

Ibiza bag of flowers

after the Beachbum hair was ready, I made this in style matching bag, the typical Ibiza bag, full of flowers. It comes in 9 diffrent designs (to change on click) and it goes with and without flowers in one pack. A beautifull summer and spring accessrie! 🙂