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Calender gift 2 out

I have set up this Advent calender in front of my mainstore yesterday, and I think some of you were disapointed because it was not there. I am awfully sorry, that was a big land problem we had on the sim yesterday, but after a rolling restart its all back again! So you can get your yesterdays gift now plus there is a new gift out. All I can say its very usefull for winter and the 2 gifts make a perfect match 🙂

Santas sleigh to Juicy del Mar:


Wintermagic and Glamour are the Survivalkit of the dark days

Every winter I develop a real liking for shiny things and Glam. I  become a fan of sequins, glitter and lightchains and do like it sparkling all around me . I think this is a natural reaction to the dark and grey days, to the devasted nature outside. I stay at home, drink douzens of giant mugs of hot earl grey tea with cream and honey or spicy-sweet masala tea , I arange shiny heartwarming kitsch stuff all over the place, I light candles and I make some glamourous dresses for the pixel ladies in SL. Like this  two hear, called „Heart of Gold“. The perfect dress for the gala season, I am going to wear the pink one to the Modavia Fashion show tonight, where one of my creations will be presented.





„Heart of Gold“ in 2 colours, worn punk style (yes it works!) by Vera Canning, and ladylike by me


As this passing year brought many insicurity in the matters of finance and economy, Amon and I decided to create an ancient sign of abundence for SL, the good old pegan Cornuptia, or better kown as horn of plenty. So this is our wintermagic for SL, may it bring wealth and luck to everyone who gets in contact with it



Horn of plenty, bubbling and fizzling with goodies like coins, flowers, cookies.

Last but not least our freeby for the final christmas season is this cute Chrismasgift tower, the ultimate accessoir for the shoppingtour in SL, or for the visit at your friends home


all this available in our mainstore