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Beads & Stars

I love beaded things, so it was just a question of time to make a new bead necklace, Born this weekend:

get them here:


the cuteness goes on and on…

I made this today, and its available in my new store on Tableau

its available

Weekend Offer: cherries

I am really sorry that the widley popular „Weekend Fever“ has been stopped, I loved creating for it and it was fun making something in a different colour every weekend. So I decided to keep up this little tradion alone by myself, making something new for 50 Linden every weekend. This time I choose black. So here it is my little playsuit:

available at the „Stitch by Stitch“ mainstore:

on my cloud, eastery bunny and other cuties…

hi, its accessory fair and I am there too, the „Stitch by Stitch“ booth is here:

I have some new releases, so here they are:

and last but not least, these golden teapot earrings are my Accessory hunt free gift:

new releases, Accessorie Fair, Weekend Fever….

omg, there is a lot going on this weekend, Il`ll start with my new releases though and worl work my way down to the accessory fair

“ „Wicca Black Butterfly“ Dress comes with accessorie, all in one pack

available in my mainstore :

then, this weeks Weekend Fever colour is NAVY. I made this sailoer dress for it:

also here:

the bunny is new too, as well as the easter planter:

everyone knows, the Accessory Fair starts tomorrow. I am not supposed to advertize till then, only saying, there will be a hunt too, and I have made something very cute for it.

Happy Weekend y`àll!

Sevenstar Amat (Stitch by Stitch)

Weekend fever: tomatoe red

this weeks „Weekend Fever“ features the colour tomatoe red:

„Stitch by Stitch“ offers this newly released dress for 50 linden only, alongside with the red beads and the „Bond Girl“ hairstyle also 50 linden only this weekend


Poppies are my favourite flowers latley, maybe because they present summer, I miss so much. so here is my Princess Poppy red gown, the first formal dress from Stitch by Stitch since many month:

right after that I made the poppies in a vase so everyone can have those flowers in his house

the sculpted poster shows one of my RL Illustrations, I decided to have them in SL now, in RL they are available here: