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December/3 a new giftie is in the window!

today the new Advent Calender giftie is out in front of the „Sitch by Stitch“ mainstore on Juicy del Mar. Again it matches with the previous gifts, so that in the end you might get a whole winer outfit together, and more…;) This item today is brand new and extra made for the calender, like the one I have set up yesterday

also there is the frosty wintergrass I made yesterday, to decorate empty snowy meadows, with and without particle script:

take a ride:


Important changes in group and new reviews on Stitch by Stitch

it´s been an exciting week in SL. I have not really done designing, as there is so much other stuff to do, that keeps me away from that. But, I will start a totally new clothing line next week. What it will be, I will not tell yet… Amon is been busy doing great stuff for his „Digital Clay“ shop, but that will be an extra post here with pictures soon.

The most important things this week in a row:

We finally  found  our ideal „Stitch by Stitch“ shop and event manager Momo Willis. She is such a capable witty and brave lady, Amon and I can be happy to have found her.

Momo will take care of customers and group members, and she will organize some interessting stuff, Amon and I dont have the time for. Feel free to contact her with any concern. Of cause you can also still contact me and Amon too 😉

I had to clean up the group from some undesirable members, such as spies, beeing there only to stay updated with our new stuff and to copy it. Weeks ago it was someone who copied our furniture line, now it was one of my personal friends, copying my clothes, wich is really sad. These things really hurt and suck, but thats obviously one part of SL experiences, among many others, better ones, great ones too.

Following our new Managers advice, we closed the group for everybodies public entrance now, so it will be only „Stitch by Stitch“ group membership by personal invitation, by one of us 3. Of cause our groupmembers can recomand someone to be invited to the group.

This exclusiveness gives us the certainty, to be among friends now, latley its been a bit uncomfortable in there;)

therefore we will coddle our  „good groupmembers“ with more nice stuff now, extras and secret sales, presales, events. Momo Willis will be the coordinator for the new group care.

back to the good side: there have been some really nice reviews on Stitch by Stitch this week:

german fashionblog by Miefmupfel Willis, after getting know her, we asked her to be our group manager straight away

by Abra Exonar. Abra sees me as the „ultimate gypsy queen“ *giggles*

and finally:

by Ana Lutetia. Ana, great as allways. Greetings to Lisboa! 🙂 *waves*


thank you all for appritating our work 🙂


Stitch by Stitch Mainstore on Juicy Bella

Photo: Ana Lutetia (sorry Ana, I „stole“ it from your flickr side)